Zabbix monitoring

Example of monitoring

Default configuration

By default, the zabbix web interface is only accessible through the local network, via https. Also, the guest account is deleted upon installation.

A strong password is generated for the administrator account. After the deployment, the password is stored in the deployment backup folder, in zabbix/admin.pwd.

Minimal configuration

  install: true

Default configuration

# Zabbix monitoring
  install: false
  guest_account: false  # Allow guest account or not
  public: false         # not open to public by default
  allow:                # a list of IP address that can access the web interface
    -    # RFC1918 local networks

Setting up Jabber alerts

To receive alerts via the XMPP protocol, it is necessary to activate the Jabber media type inthe Zabbix administration console.

Use any account to send alerts, for instance the postmaster account.

Setting up the media alert

Once this setup, the alerts are visible in any XMPP compatible client.

Example of XMPP alert