There is already a lot of excellent projects on internet to help emails self-hosting, and I am providing links in the index page.

This one is different in the approach used, and I do not want to deviate.

It is made to be unobtrusive with a standard Debian distribution, stable and highly secure.


Security is the main concern of this solution. All the packages are coming from the official Debian repository or from a well maintained repository. There is no git clone or manual download here, ever. Once installed, you should be able to manage it like any Debian server.

Any new service should be compatible with AppArmor, to secure the system and to protect from any zero-day vulnerability.

I am privileging stability and security over features, this is why you will not have the latest version of RoundCube and other components.

Standard compliance

It is also standard compliant. For instance, the system generates and publish automatically your DKIM, SPF and DMARC records.

Any service that requires authentication should use LDAP. so the user don’t have to remember another password.

Shell scripts

  • When shell scripts are needed, dash should be preferred over bash.
  • Each shell should be checked with shellcheck binary.

Current status

  • Although the platform is actually stable enough to be used in production, it is not yet a turn-key solution for lambda users.
  • Some functionalities - not activated by default - have not been tested in a live environment for long enough.

Some components are missing, and will be added when appropriate:

  • A proper Debian repository for the security updates of the scripts, if this is needed.
  • A proper roadmap, with major and minor version numbers.
  • A mailing list, mostly for announces.
  • An official web site

I have more long term ideas in mind, I will document them more in details later.